When companies choose to outsource their HR services, they create opportunities to focus more intently on issues that matter to employees, says Juliet Gathoni Gateri, CEO and Director of HRExpert Kenya a sister company of Alternate doors. With HRExpert software system companies are no longer burdened by the many administrative management responsibilities.

How and when can you give those tasks to an expert who is on top of these frequent policy changes?With HRExpert you will only have to click a button and “waala!!! Your policies’ are updated and you are able to focus more closely on the well-being and experience of your employees and what you can do to build a stronger business and culture in your company.

Some companies decide not to utilize soft systems or HR software systems and instead rely on the CFO, office manager etc. This move creates a risk to the organization because not all issues are handled perfectly as they should. Why is Human Resource Information management System a valuable tool to help companies manage their HR responsibilities?

What are some of the key functions HRExpert provides?

Employers can face an enormous variety of challenging HR circumstances, including job terminations, family medical leave, paid time off, employee theft, harassment and many other worrisome issues. When these situations arise, an employer who has failed to create and clearly communicate company policies can face significant fines and penalties. HRExpert system provides and possess documentation and clearly defining modules for your policies and a section that your expertise can write in details about your company and what an employee is entitled and what is expected of them in the company policy documents to ensure you have effective and legally compliant policies in place before these situations occur.

Without clear, up-to-date and shared documentation of company policies and procedures, the employer is greatly disadvantaged when a challenge inevitably takes place. Partnering with HRexpert helps to eliminate the risks associated with outdated, non-compliant or even nonexistent company guidelines.

In addition, HRExpert provides and ensures that proper procedures and documentation are in place to fully comply with complex legal regulations surrounding issues such as employment, performance, the Employee Retirement “NSSF”, Income, disciplinary procedures, medical “NHIF” and more. Without a knowledgeable and trusted HR Expert in an employer’s corner, these demands can seem cumbersome or even overwhelming.


How do you determine you want HRExpert as your solution to HR Management?

Typically, HRExpert will provide a comprehensive assessment of current processes and procedures in your company to get a sense of where you’re at as a company. The most important thing in these initial meetings is to bring someone to the table that is involved in day-to-day operations, as well as a decision-maker, so you can create a plan and either choose to move forward or consider cloud based system for future use.

One of the benefits of having a cloud based system in administrative HR functions is that it provides more time to interact with employees, having documents at a click of a button and working from anywhere. That is from your mobile phone, tablet, and desktop, home and in your car the list is limitless.

What are other key points to keep in mind?

The best part why you should consider HRExpert as your day to day partner is that you develop a customized quarterly, half yearly, or even yearly plan that meets your needs. Human Resource management doesn’t have to be overwhelming and it doesn’t need to be expensive. While a good Human Resource professional can earn as much as 150,000 per month in Kenya, when you install HRExpert system 150K will be more or equal to 80 employees which is the annual cost for the whole year. Accounting all you need is a smart phone and data bundles or a desktop and Wi-Fi to access the system and have often everything taken care of for much less or half of that cost per annum.