Over 1 in 5 employees waste more than 500 hours a year

Business owners and managers should evaluate employees based on outcomes rather than hours spent working or seeming to work.

The consequence of having innovation and integrating technology into business is that people have more free time because their work is done quicker. However, few employees ask for more work. Since we as employers demand our staff work 8 hours a day, more idle time requires this gap to be filled by an endless array of time-wasting activities

  • Young employees waste the most time at work. The reason for this could be that most of the jobs young people are hired for are menial tasks and are not very rewarding, thus any distractions are better than doing the job. Generational differences in social media and texting usage are also contributors.
  • The correlation between education & time wasting. One would believe education would lead to more motivation. However, greater education leads to higher expectations and lower fulfillment.  Alternatively, more education could mean these individuals can get the work done quicker, yielding more idle time.
  • Blocking is not the answer. Employees with access to social networks were actually more productive than employees in companies that block access.
  • Not enough work – One-third of employees spend their work-time for non-work related activities because they do not have enough work to do.
  • Feeling underpaid – Employees waste their time at work because they feel that they are not paid enough for their efforts. They spend their time on job sites looking for other roles

Five ways to solve employee time-wasting :

  1. Make people more accountable- Create an ACCOUNTABILITY CHART.  Have your employees build their action plans for the next 1 – 3 months. Have them build a timeline and milestone dates for weekly checkups. When your staff is defining their plans, they will be more like to buy into the deliverables and there is a greater chance they will achieve them on time.
  2. Implement an Internet policy. We have stated in earlier blogs that every company needs a policy. If you have one, it should be updated to include social media. The policy needs to be clear and consistent. Most workers say that if they know what is allowed and what is not, they will be more likely to adhere to those guidelines.
  3. Challenge employees. The main reason people are surfing is that they are bored.  More work is not the solution. Look for special projects or something that is different they can sink their teeth into. Challenge their initiative, decision-making, and creative skills. Invest in their personal development
  4. Get an expert/Outsource As Business owners and managers, we end up burning out and overworking ourselves, as we constantly have to tell people what to do and at times end up executing operational tasks. QUALITY Over QUANTITY; having many employees doesn’t mean higher productivity- actually many employees results in a lot of idle time as there is less monitoring.

Outsourcing some roles would help, as you would be getting the value of an expert with several years of experience at a fraction of the time, money and resources.


Culprit Idlers: Driver, Receptionists, Accountants, Human Resource, Administrators, Digital Marketing- General Office and repetitive task-oriented roles.


Case study;
Business owners aim and aspire to grow sales and overall revenue of the business. Our biggest challenge as Alternate Doors was growing the sales and at the same time balancing the client orders and consulting assignments. As a team, we were burning out and getting overwhelmed. We want to keep our team lean and productive.Our main issue was not having a proper sales and marketing strategyWhat we did differently; We

  1. Outlined all our tasks and activities-(what we do daily, weekly, monthly, annually)
  2. Created an accountability chart; who is responsible for what activity and task
  3. Outsourced expert advise in sales and marketing
  4. Got a Board of advisors- For accountability and guidance  especially in building strategy
  5. Upskilled our team; everyone should be able to know and understand what another role is doing, its common in organisations where you find employees complaining they can’t do a task as that is reserved for someone else. At times clients cant get support when an employee who is deemed ” an expert” leaves the organisation.

Our experts who are supporting us in our sales and marketing activities

Sales( Businesses To Businesses) Consultant and Sales Coach- Beryle Uza

Beryl was able to audit our sales process, conduct a market research survey on who our clients are and what they are looking for in terms of HR services, how we get in touch with our prospective clients, our proposals, calls and even on how we close our deals.

She was then able to coach our team ( hands-on)  not training. In short, she is acting as a Business development manager to assist us in setting the right processes and  upskilling our team to have the right sales skills

Get to know Beryle: Profile  Download Brochure  Here Get in touch:beryle.uza@anglednorth.com

Marketing Consultant and coach- Nelly Ndonye

Nelly was able to assist in building a strategy and give insights into digital marketing communications to ensure we increase business revenue.

She is also keeping us accountable by having monthly check-ins with us to ensure we are following through with our outlined plan, strategy, and deliverables. In addition to this Nelly guided us in getting a part-time digital resource who will assist in managing our digital assets.

Get to know Nelly: Profile  Details  Here Get in touch: nelly@finitybind.com

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